LifeWave as a Business


Want to Become a Lifewave Distributor?

LifeWave is on the cutting edge when it comes to compensating their members for
building their business.

It is likely that you have become interested in LifeWave as a business opportunity because you have heard of the incredible income earning potential that LifeWave offers with it’s third generation binary compensation plan. This is a strong home based business opportunity which is still on the ground floor.


How can you earn money with LifeWave?

LifeWave® Distributors may build a business in 4 ways:

1. Direct Retail Sales

The first way for a Distributor to make money is to purchase LifeWave® products at the Distributor Wholesale Price, inventory the products, and then resell the products to retail customers at any price he/she chooses.

2. Retail Sales via the LifeWave Website

Distributors can enroll retail customers in LifeWave, and let the company handle the sales, inventory, and distribution. Retail customers enrolled in LifeWave may purchase products directly over the internet, and the Distributor will automatically receive the difference between the product’s retail and wholesale price.

In addition, the Distributor may set up automatically recurring orders for any of their enrolled retail customers. That means LifeWave will automatically send the retail customers’ products every month and the Distributor will automatically receive the profit. Retail sales are applied to the Personal Volume of the Distributor. LifeWave strongly recommends Auto-ship as a way of ensuring that your retail customers are never without their LifeWave products.

3. Fast Start Bonuses

This is a way to begin earning money as soon as you enroll with LifeWave. Every qualifying LifeWave member may earn bonuses each time they personally enroll a new member. The amount depends on the rank at which the new member enrolls.

4. Building an organization of Distributors

In addition to retail profits, you can earn handsome commissions and bonuses on the business generated by those Distributors that you’ve brought into LifeWave. By encourageing and mentoring your Distributors, you can earn money to supplement your current income. Or you can set your sites higher and build a full-time, thriving LifeWave business.


So how does the pay plan offer you dynamic earning potential?

The LifeWave Compensation Plan provides an exceptional opportunity for both immediate and long-term income.

It combines the best features of different types of network marketing pay plans .

There are five key components to the LifeWave compensation plan.


Immediate Income
1. Retail Profits
2. Initial Product (Fast Start) Bonuses

Long Term Residual Income
3. Binary Commissions
4. Commission Matching Bonuses

Special Bonuses
5. Leadership Achievement Bonuses


Binary Commissions
The LifeWave Pay Plan is based on a Binary structure.
That means that each position in the structure may have a maximum of two positions under it – one on the left and one on the right. This can be seen in the following diagram.

When you enroll new members,
you place them on your left or right side. If the positions immediately beneath you are already taken, then you place them under the first available position on your left or right side. Your commissions are based on the purchases of everyone under your position, no matter who enrolled them.

There could be 1,000 people below you on the right side and 5,000 people below you on the left side enrolled by you, by the people you sponsor, or by any of the people above you or the people that they sponsor.

 This is a powerful way to build residual income based on your own efforts and the efforts of the people above you.



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