LifeWave Energy Enhancer Patches


Energy Enhancer Patches


These patches are designed to increase stamina and energy in the body without using drugs, or in fact, ingesting anything.

Boost Your Energy & Strength with LifeWave Energy Enhancer.

Our exclusive non-transdermal patch system utilizes new technology to gently stimulate acupuncture points, literally improving the flow of energy in the body. Clinical studies prove this method increases your body’s energy and stamina by over 20% just within a few minutes of use!

Increase Energy/Stamina/Endurance
· Recovery Time-Faster
· Increase Mental Clarity/Focus
· Burn Fats up to 20% or more

The Energy Enhancer Patches enhances energy production and consequently accelerates fat burning. 

Wearing LifeWave patches brings an immediate experience of an increases in physical stamina within minutes after applying the LifeWave patch.

This patch has also shown almost instant increases in physical strength within minutes after application.


Strength Demonstration Video



Energy Enhancer

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